Intimidation No More! Learn How To Easily Target With 3 Simple Steps!

Don’t feel intimidated anymore, here we come with solution!

You don’t have to pay for advanced technology because you already own it in your smartphone!

This allows you to quickly locate and  observe many planets and deep sky objects with ease!

Make Yourself A Smart Visual Observer!

Leave complicated star charts, imprecise planetarium apps, and computerized mount behind!  With StarSense Explorer, locating objects has never been EASIER, FASTER, or more ACCURATE!

Non-Computerized Phone Guided Telescope

LT70AZ Refractor

Introducing Smart Telescope StarSense EXPLORER

by Celestron

No Telescope Experience Required

Simply place your phone in the unique StarSense dock and launch the StarSense Explorer app.

Star-Patterns Matching Made Easy

After aligning your phone to the telescope’s optics (a quick, 2-minute procedure), StarSense Explorer generates a list of celestial objects currently visible. 

Guided Tours of The Nightsky

Make your selection and arrows appear onscreen, guiding you as you to move the telescope. When the object is ready to view, the bullseye turns green.

No Technical Configuration

No Cables or Wires Involved

No WiFi or Data Needed

Smart Telescope for New Users No Experience Needed – CELESTRON StarSense Explorer LT80AZ Refractor

Educational Starter Kit.

Family’s Fun Creator.

First-Timer’s Best Choice.

Versatile for Land & Sky Use.

LT70AZ Refractor

It was my childhood dream to have a telescope to gaze at the nightsky; but I didn’t have the access that time.  Today, I have a family, with a 5-year old boy, and feel like to do this.  I believe it would be an interesting experience to enjoy the stars with family, especially it’s the hard time to stay at home.  I’ve been waiting nearly 3 months to get this LT70 Refractor which took only 20 minutes to assemble and align with the app (the sky was partially clear).  I work late until midnight sometime, so I love to gaze upon the sky with a portable one to use.   I recommend this, though I am yet to fully utilize it. It’s user-friendly and great for beginners like us to have guidance.


Penjual mudah berhubung, beli hari ini hari ini jugak pos. Barang yg beli belum cuba lagi tapi dah daftar warranty; boleh daftar jaminan tentulah authentic-kan.

Ahmad, Perak

The Larger Aperture, The Better Clarity

Don’t get it wrong! Larger aperture of a telescope comes with better resolving power, not necessary see farther. 

Alternatively, telescope’s larger eye will receive more amount of lights from distant stars, and reveal them with more details. And “larger eye” could see fainter stars under good seeing.

StarSense Explorer DX102AZ

Level-Up Model for Beginners: StarSense Explorer DX 102AZ Refractor

Larger Aperture than LT80AZ with more control

Stronger Supports for Flexibility.

Portable for Storage and Transport.

Ideal for Enthusiastic Hobbyists.

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How to select? No worries!  The following table shows the differences and how they fit your demands.

Portability Never Limits Your Pursues

Don’t let the physical dimensions obstacle your goal. Be confident in having a good fit partner for the objective. It delivers in your upcoming journey.


Wherever you go, always enjoy the moment, with the peace of mind.

Meet Your Partner

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