OTG Scope

Specialty Optical System

Combination of Mirror and Lens.
Equals to Powerful Visual.


11 inches long body.
49.2 inches focal length.

Versatile Performance

Delivers your pursue in day and night.
Mighty Little Maksutov

Optimized for visual.

Direct zooming to get  full size of the Moon.

Works perfectly for Lunar Eclipse shot.

Worry-free Adapting System

Little Mighty Maksutov 90mm AZ Telescope Astronomy Package

The Little Mighty Maksutov 90 is not a large aperture telescope,  nor equipped with a computerized go-to system.  However, it has the advantages are beneficial to users who demand:

  • portability
  • versatility

It is not for all for observers especially who are demanding in larger aperture or an digitalized set-up. Despite it is dedicated for one needs high compactness with relative level of optical performance.