Celestron Powerseeker Motor Drive
AstroMaster/PowerSeeker Motor Drive:Install this motor drive on your AstroMaster or PowerSeeker equa..
Meade DC12V Rechargeble Power Supply for Electronic Telescope
The LXPS Rechargeable Portable Power Supply easily powers your telescope and electronic devices whil..
Vixen Compact Mount Polar Meter
The polar meter is a "unlikely" design that summarizes level, compass and tiltmeter.When taking nigh..
Vixen Dovetail Slide DD for Polarie
´╗┐Versatile Vixen's standard plate for camera equipmentA slide rail for camera equipment developed fo..
Vixen Piggyback Fine Adjustment Unit DX
This solidly built unit is widely used to mount a guiding scope, camera, or spotting scope on this u..
Vixen Polarie Star Tracker
RM1,420.00 RM1,355.00
Polarie Star Tracker from Vixen Optics is an incredibly compact, motorized, tracking ultra portable ..
Vixen QHD-33 Velbon Ball Head
QHD-33 is a small-sized, compact but solid and strong single axis ball head, that especially produce..
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