Law of Love

When I was young, I always gazed up the night sky from backyard.  There was once I climbed up to a mango tree and was hoping to reach the stars…though I didn’t, my mom did not discourage me at all.

She loves stars too but she devoted her time in taking care of her husband, me and family.  She was busy in and out.

She kept encourage me to learn more and pursue further despite we didn’t have any equipment in hand.

Great Supports From Home

Before going to bed, I often asked my mom for bedtime stories.  She told me stories about constellations, Zeus, Venus goddess and many more!  I was excited and looked forward to discovering more about the universe.

My mom accompanied me looking up to the night sky when I raised her questions.

The point is that we get to know better about family warmth and the universe …

Love Connects You with The Universe

Nearly 20 years back, printed star charts were necessary in the observing site.  3 basic tools are are equally important: red beam torchlight, compass and a star chart last time.

In addition, the related resources available in the market such as magazines are mostly origin from the United States.  The contents were generally not local oriented.

Information, star maps, sky events showed no indications for our equatorial region.  Time conversion was therefore essentially important.

Imagine, it’s probably triple or perhaps double challenging then nowadays.  When it comes to digital age with modern smartphone in your pocket, the trend and observing solution vary a lot!

Besides the printed star charts or star catalogs,  there is new way for you to easily access to the night sky; not computerized set or sky priced models!

Things are simplified for you!

To enjoy the night sky, you can just leverage the power of your smartphone,  without  spending hour in configuration, star calibrating.

You need not to carry a laptop, connecting the cables, batteries but a compatible SMARTPHONE instead.

It’s so portable that you can transport it to anywhere you like.  They are built to make your activities much easier!

With StarSense Explorer telescope, identifying and locating objects has never been EASIER, FASTER, or more ACCURATE!

A Smart Telescope for everyone with love

No Technical Configuration

No Cables or Wires Involved

No WiFi or Data Needed

No Telescope Experience Required

Simply place your phone in the unique StarSense dock and launch the StarSense Explorer app.

Star-Patterns Matching Made Easy

After aligning your phone to the telescope’s optics (a quick, 2-minute procedure), StarSense Explorer generates a list of celestial objects currently visible. 

Guided Tours of The Nightsky

Make your selection and arrows appear onscreen, guiding you as you to move the telescope. When the object is ready to view, the bullseye turns green.

Your All Rounder Telescope: Starsense Explorer DX102AZ Refractor

LT70AZ Refractor
SSEDX102 Refractor

It was my childhood dream to own a telescope to look up to the nightsky!  Eventually, dream comes true – I found this telescope satisfying my requirements.

I wanted to get myself a telescope quite a while ago but couldn’t really decide.  I was wondering about the configuration, and if it’s necessary to get a computerized model, sort of auto slewing and locating enabled.

I talked to the shop owner and realized some important points.  And I continued my own researches.

When I heard about the idea of StarSense Explorer telescope, I knew I’d found what I want.

I chose DX102 refractor because I personally prefer objective lens than mirror type; and it’s less bulky than the 130 Newtonian. To my family, refractor is more versatile to use.

Assembly of DX102AZ was quite simple.  Aligning the scope with Starsense Explorer app wasn’t done on the first night.  I tried it around 5 am – the sky was clear that I had the app launched and started the alignment.  Less than 3 minutes, it’s completed!

It’s stunning, the first time I had my telescope viewing Saturn! And the star clusters in Scorpius were spotted easily.  It works!

My phone guides me to explore the night sky, how amazing it is!!

Jimmy, Melaka

I have 2 telescopes, one was my very first telescope as a present from my parents.  I still kept it, for a sentimental reason. The other is a goto model, larger in aperture as well as the assembled dimension.  My boys sometime would join me looking up.  But they mostly did not stay longer than 20 minutes.  When I told them about the Starsense Explorer telescope that they are able to “slew and control” by themselves, I saw sparking from their eyes.

Besides, a grab-and-go telescope is one of my next thing to get.  It’s this moment that Celestron came out this smartphone guided model.  A helpful idea and technology for anyone who desires to observe but with less hands-on experience.

Of course, the Starsense Explorer telescope can be used alone with the smartphone docked or without.  Captain should be the telescope owner/user, not the boat or GPS itself.

Package was received intact, and within 2 days after placing the order. I recommend this, and the supplier too.

Abrahim, Penang

Is this a complete unit?  How about the tripod?

Tripod is certainly part of the  package!  The unit is complete, not leaving you a “naked” tube!

Kit includes what it’s supposed to be; the key technology is the “StarSense Explorer app” and “Phone Dock”.  Subject to individual model, standard accessories are supplied.

These accessories play essential role in visual observation.  They are:

    • Eyepieces (25mm and 10mm )
    • Finder (battery supplied for StarPointer)
    • Diagonal (for refractor only)

More importantly, it doesn’t require any current to operate.  You may set it up in any location even when you’re out of internet coverage.

The only criteria from you is to have a smartphone.  You read it, only smartphone, not tablet.

How do I know the app works for me? Possible to view from my room?

Firstly, get your intended smartphone (by either iOS or Android system) ready to check the app compability, failing which isn’t covered by the warranty.  Please see the advice below how to check.

Viewing celestial objects, the uncompromised factor is setting up telescope outdoor, and under the clear sky.

Unless your targets are terrestrial objects, you don’t need to apply the StarSense Explorer app for object matching and locating capability, your telescope can be set up anywhere in your bedroom or balcony.


Any part of telescope or accessories are not allowed to view the sun directly, failing which may cause permanent damage to eye and equipment!

The StarSense Explorer app is available in both iOS and Android app store.  Please check your phone compatibility beforehand:

Check Your Phone Compatibility Here

Don’t panic and be puzzled! Though the #1 thumb rule is getting as large aperture of telescope as you can, you want something that works for you most of the time spent.

A quality time, yet portable for you to transport, assemble and store when homed.

And the weights, actual size of telescope are increasing.  You will need to pay more time in “extra things”.  This might not be ideal when you’re new, to enter the hobby.

Therefore, decide based on your lifestyle and the top concern.

The fact is: the world best telescope does not exist at all!

The one you most often use in your daily life will be the best to you!

Chat with us if you need any advice.

Portability Never Limits Your Pursues

Don’t let the physical dimensions obstacle your goal. Be confident in having a good fit partner for the objective. It delivers in your upcoming journey.


Wherever you go, always enjoy the moment, with the peace of mind.

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Thanks for guiding me to verify the phone compatibility.

Loh H