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Having fun with StarSense Explorer telescope is demonstrated as below:

Celestron STARSENSE EXPLORER LT 70AZ Refractor sounds like an auto-locating model.  The fact it IS, but without electronic components, motor drives for slewing and tracking

The concept is to leverage the power of smartphone app, namely "StarSense Explorer" with users' device to dock on the telescope.  It empowers the users to identify and locate the sky object in the way o push-to "auto searching".  It works without presence of WiFi module or your cellphone's data.  

You only need to download the StarSense Explorer app from either iOS or Android play store.  In order to unleash the full functionality of the app, an unlock code attached in individual unit, is required.

You have issues in finding sky objects with normal basic telescope, don't you?

Once a upon of time,  parents had issues in nightsky watching with children.

They were worried for being new in telescope handling, as well as celestial objects locating.  Hoping to get the planets, such as Mars or Saturn, makes the families frustrated due to the inaccessible with traditional entry level telescope, without aids in objects locating.

To kickstart astronomy at young age, computerized telescope is somehow way more complicated, in terms of assemblies, portability and budget, etc.

Children will be excited over finding themselves the Moon, or Jupiter!  This is the life experiences that nothing can replace by a photograph or digitalized item!

StarSense Explorer telescopes are embedded with plate-solving technology, that means you don't have to own a computerized telescope to find the object for you.  Having that said, you may just dock your device (only smartphone, NOT tablet) with pre-activated SSE app, with less than 10 minutes calibrating process, you may select your favourite objects to view.  For fresh users, there is "Tonight Best View Objects" suggestion menu.

There are 4 models in StarSense Explorer series.  We carry these two: LT 70AZ Refractor and DX 130AZ Reflector.

LT 70AZ Refractor is an entry level users, has lighter tripod and smaller aperture (70 mm).  This is best for a family has young kids, hoping to nurture the interest of astronomy during the family outdoor activities.  The set is portable and lightweight enough for easy transportation and storage.  For casual observations, this is a no-brainer package.

It has the following accessories: Eyepiece 25mm (28-power) and 10mm (70-power), 2x Barlow lens. 90-degree Star Diagonal, Metal accessory tray, Smartphone dock, Aluminum tripod, Metal Alt-azimuth mount and StarPointer Finderscope.  Supplied magnification is from 28-power, up to combined 140-power.  

DX 130AZ Reflector is for astronomy beginners who have keen pursue in night sky observations that willing to spend more time into.  This is sturdier, and equipped with dual axes slow-motion control handles which allow for better control.  130 mm is about 5 inches, an ideal size for adult beginners to start without computerized system.  Not to forget, DX 130AZ is a Newtonian reflector, which produces up-side-down views.  This is totally fine in astronomical observations.

DX 130AZ is packed with Deluxe Alt-azimuth mount and aluminum tripod, Metal accessory tray, 25mm (26-power) and 10mm (65-power) Eyepieces, StarPointer Finderscope and Smartphone dock.  5 inches aperture has the theoretical maximum power up to  250x.  You have room to play with, from 26-power.  You always know, high magnification DOESN'T promise clarity in observation.

For larger aperture (than 70mm) please click the link for the offer of DX 130AZ Reflector.

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