Vixen Smartphone Camera Adapter Deluxe | Specialty Phone Camera Adapter with Quick Connection


Cellphone in our pocket is inevitably an essential tool in our daily life.  It’s significantly varying a lot in the way of taking photos.  High resolution and all kinds of setting are capable in catering all purposes.

For telescope users, smartphone is one of the working-together tool.  In order to have a good image taken through telescope by smartphone camera, a sturdy and easy-to-calibrate adapter is essential!  Vixen Smartphone Camera Adapter is a deluxe yet durable accessory in your telescope inventory.

You’ll find the following item upon receipt:

    • Supplementary Pinch Sleeve : 3 pieces
    • Spacer : 2 pieces
    • Instruction Manual
    • This SKU is made in Taiwan.
    • You’re honoured with 1-year warranty for manufacturing defect.

Take Astrophotograh with Your Smartphone Easily

Attach your camera to your telescope with this adapter to take astrophotography images. Some feature phone could also be used if meet the conditions of conformity. Attach your camera to telescope to take images of Moon and Planet, to microscope to do micro photography, to spotting scope to enjoy taking photographs of birds and etc.


Adapt your smartphone securely on your equipment in seconds