Vixen Polarie U Tracker


An image “full of stars” has never been easier!

When you see beautiful things or scenes, you may want to take a photo to keep the image. Why not record the beauty of the starry night sky?



The POLARIE U is an ultra-compact automatic star tracking device that can easily be transported. In addition to functions of conventional star trackers that move a camera for long exposure according to the diurnal motion of the celestial objects.

It features a function for customizing rotation speeds using a smartphone and can control the intervals of shots by adjusting the shutter release. By linking the motion of the POLARIE U with the shutter release, you can easily set up complex shooting controls required for interval photography and time-lapse photography with your smartphone.

Lightweight and small yet delivering high performance. You will be able to create fine pieces of work in nature photographs with the state-of-the-art POLARIE U.

Polarie U is a second generation of Polarie star tracker.