StarSense Explorer LT70AZ Refractor


Celestron STARSENSE EXPLORER LT 70AZ Refractor sounds like an auto-locating model.  The fact it IS, but without electronic components, motor drives for slewing and tracking

The concept is to leverage the power of smartphone app, namely “StarSense Explorer” with users’ device to dock on the telescope.  It empowers the users to identify and locate the sky object in the way o push-to “auto searching”.  It works without presence of WiFi module or your cellphone’s data.

You only need to download the StarSense Explorer app from either iOS or Android play store.  In order to unleash the full functionality of the app, an unlock code attached in individual unit, is required.

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  • 70mm f/10 Refracting optical tube
  • LT Altazimuth mount with aluminum tripod and accessory tray
  • Altitude adjustment rod
  • StarSense Explorer Dock for your phone
  • StarPointer Finder with battery
  • 90-degree Erecting-image Prism 1.25″
  • Eyepiece 25mm & 10mm 1.25″
  • 1.25″ 2x Barlow lens
  • User’s Guide
  • Unlock Code for the StarSense Explorer app
  • Limited Edition StarryNight Software with activation code
  • 1-year warranty (bill acknowledgement)

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How to identify and locate the night sky objects in 3 minutes,
even you don't have telescope experience!

You love stargazing, the large gaseous planets, especially the ringed Saturn!  Looking at magazine or internet gallery doesn't impress you!

If you have young children, you would get asked often where the planets or Orion's belt are positioned and how to gaze upon them with telescope.  You would hardly respond to them with the right answers because you don't have the solution!

You intimidate to take action because you find it no way to target the desired object with a telescope.  Perhaps you come across computerized telescopes which are assumed as an automatic unit but ... usually that is a wrong perception:

  • Specific star-alignment methods are required to undergo before finding your desired target. Never assume it an automated machine when the power is switched on.
  • It requires external electric power to operate. Low current supply or incompatible power supply results a haul of operation.
  • No manual maneuvering is allowed for beginner's models.
  • Computerized models are usually not small in dimensions.
  • Additional care and upkeep are necessary due to the built-in electronic components.
  • Software updating is essential.


A Computerized Telescope is Overkill If You Do only Visual Observation

Why do you need to pay extra money on the parts or components that you don't need?  When you only want to observe Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, clusters or nebulae?  One thing you have paid for advanced technology is your smartphone.

Unleash the power of your smartphone in night sky exploration - introducing StarSense Explorer!  The StarSense Explorer series is a smartphone-app driven telescope which enables you in object locating without referring to printed star chart, or accessing to a laptop planetarium software.

Do you need any astronomy background to observe the night sky objects?  Definitely, NO!

You're prequalified to access to the universe if you have a compatible smartphone in your pocket!

StarSense Explorer app is built for both iOS and Android users.  Do a phone compatibility check prior.  Process is as simple as below:

  1. get your intended smartphone ready, and browse the site:
  2. compatibility status will be prompted onscreen.

Alternatively, you may download the StarSense Explorer app from play store.  Have it installed, and the app will show the status as well.

Additional information

Weight 12.40 kg
Dimensions 88 × 35 × 24 cm


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