StarSense Explorer DX130AZ Reflector


What makes StarSense Explorer telescopes to serve you better in stargazing?  Plate Solving method is the hero solution!

In a simpler explanation, Plate Solving is a method used to determine exactly where the telescope is pointing in the sky by comparing the star field in an image to stars database.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any calculation or to match the stars patterns that the telescope is pointing towards.  Celestron made it an easy solution for all,  especially smartphone users.

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  • 130mm f/5 Mirror optical tube
  • DX Altazimuth mount with aluminum tripod
  • Metal large accessory tray
  • Slow-motion control handles (2 units)
  • StarSense Explorer Dock for your phone
  • StarPointer Finder with battery
  • Eyepiece 25mm & 10mm 1.25″
  • User’s Guide
  • Unlock Code for the StarSense Explorer app
  • Limited Edition StarryNight Software with activation code
  • 1-year warranty (bill acknowledgement)
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StarSense Explorer is the innovative software that having the Plate Solving method applied, with a smartphone.  As most modern smartphone is made with good camera, sensors as well in making life easier.  It helps you too in exploring the universe.  All you have to do, is to get your phone docked on the telescope, adjust the positioning and you'll be guided to look up in the nightsky!

Dock phone on telescope, launch the Starsense Explorer app to calibrate and locate the objects

In addition, you'll be guided with Tonight's Best objects and the tips of observations.  Guidance includes information about the magnitudes, and observing criteria for city or dark sky sites.

Based on your exact time and location, you'll get to know the best visible objects!

The truth is, the star-patterns matching, guidance on locating sky objects and etc, are done NOT connecting to any computer planetarium software, or hand controller plugged in to the Starsense Explorer telescope.  You don't spend hours' in mounting set-up nor slewing the scope for star alignments. 

Despite the use of your smartphone, you are worry-free to have WiFi signal.  It's completely a ready-to-use telescope without complication of assembly, even for a telescope fresh user.

The top mission you you need to perform is to check the phone compatibility.

You Have Hundred of Hesitations; How To Make It Work?

In the past one or two decades, not only individual user but most parents had issues to access the night sky with telescope.  Kids might be losing opportunities to experience live astronomy under the sky, rather than studying text or images from classroom.

The problems to many of you: telescope assembly and handling issue, sky objects' visibility and positions, what and when to observe ...

SOLUTION FOR YOU: Smartphone-app Guided System for Beginners and Above

DX 130AZ Reflector is for astronomy beginners who are keen in night sky observations that willing to spend more time into.  This is sturdier, and equipped with dual axes slow-motion control handles which allow for better control.  DX130 refers to a Newtonian in 5.1 inches mirror, an ideal size for adult beginners to start without computerized system.  It's equipped with an single-arm alt-azimuth mount with narrow saddle, which allows interchanges of other optical tube with narrow dovetail plate.

Everything You Need to Observe Immediately

When you unbox your new StarSense Explorer DX, you’ll find:

  • 130mm f/5.0 Newtonian reflector optical tube
  • StarSense dock for your smartphone
  • Low powered (25mm) and high powered (10mm) eyepiece
  • StarPointer red dot finderscope (battery supplied), perfect for using the telescope during the day or without the StarSense Explorer app
  • Altazimuth mount with slow motion controls (2 pieces of handle included)
  • Full-height tripod with an accessory tray to keep you organized

Additional information

Weight 19.80 kg
Dimensions 100 × 44 × 27 cm


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StarSense Explorer is an smartphone-app that having the Plate Solving method applied.

As most modern smartphone is made with good camera, sensors as well in making life easier.  It helps you too in exploring the universe.

All you have to do, is to get your phone docked on the telescope, adjust the positioning and you’ll be guided to look up in the nightsky!

Learn how quick and simple of the assembly of StarSense Explorer DX130AZ in just 5 minutes!

I was skeptical about the advertisement. However, a simpler and intuitive telescope is what I’ve been looking forward.

My last telescope was self aligning type; I gave up quickly due to its non-intuitive setting. It was cumbersome and clunky to set up and do the initial alignment.

It impressed when I decided to try it out.  DX130 is the one skips all the that by using an app on your phone to set up alignment, simple and works very well.

By using the phone it also cuts a lot of the cost of self aligning telescopes were built in.  I prefer the way this telescope is designed and the lower cost is a huge bonus.

Less than an hour to unpack, assemble, download and setup app.  It turns out to be a smart telescope owner to see stars!

This unit is not small, keep that in mind for storage purposes.  The weight is ok, but not children friendly.

The downside I’ve found is the eyepiece quality, which are with small field of view; and the stiffness of the mount movement.  It becomes easier when the scope tube is installed on the mount base, and I grab the scope body to move around.  The slow motion handles are helpful, while the object is seen in the eyepiece field but not centered.