Little Mighty Maksutov 90mm AZ Telescope Astronomy Package


The Little Mighty Maksutov 90 is not a large aperture telescope,  nor equipped with a computerized go-to system.  However, it has the advantages are beneficial to users who demand:

  • portability
  • versatility

It is not for all for observers especially who are demanding in larger aperture or an digitalized set-up. Despite it is dedicated for one needs high compactness with relative level of optical performance.

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  • Maksutov 90mm f/13.5 in original backpack
  • Portable AZL Mount with aluminum tripod
  • Premium carry bag to mobilize
  • Slow-mo control handles (x2) for fine adjustment in dual axes
  • 8×21 Finderscope for quick targetting
  • 45-Deg 1.25″ Erect Diagonal for correct-image view
  • Plossl 32mm (39-power) 1.25″
  • 1-year Warranty (bill acknowledgement)

Extra Bonus included:

  1. 90° Star Diagonal for high altitude angle Viewing and Higher Light Reflection!
  2. Universal Smartphone Photo Adapter 


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  • Kuala Lumpur
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  • Shah Alam
  • Seri Kembangan
  • Puchong

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You are a man with lot of interests.  But you still love the mother nature and anticipate to spend more time whenever you're out there with your loved one.

MOBILITY - You need a versatile optical instrument, which is easy to use and transport.

PORTABILITY - a compact telescope that eases your transfers wherever you're heading to.

GOOD-FIT MIRROR-LENS DESIGN - a performing optic that delivers you the satisfaction!

The Little Mighty Maksutov 90 is designed for you in any occasions, with piece of mind in assembly and usage. Not only fully adaptable with camera tripod, its dovetail accepts standard saddle for firm support, which eliminates the vibration.

With the unique optical design - "Maksutov Cassegrain", it is armed with 1250 mm focal length to frame, for instance, the Moon in full size without adding extra accessories.  The other lenses are not comparable with, that easily costs if not 12x, but at least 10x to get an equivalent zoom effect.

Is it made for only astronomy, or night sky?

NO!  Little Mighty Maksutov 90 serves more than one purpose.  You can utilize it in day time for nature observing, bird watching or any terrestrial viewing.

Multiple Way Adapting System

You're open to enjoy the full flexibility; mounting the Maksutov 90 Telescope on a photo tripod or the kit Alt-AZ mount.  You're not limited to only a single support; it's all available depending on your event or intention.

Unlock the unlimited potential of Little Mighty Maksutov 90 in your life with your loved one:

  • an intuitive spotting scope for day viewing on camera tripod (not included), or sports activities;
  • simple and easy to operate night telescope during family gatherings for lunar watch, or any visible sky objects

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Weight 11.2 kg


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What is the difference of 45° Erecting Prism and 90° Star Diagonal?

To make a long explanation short and easy for you, the previous one is designed to use in day, for terrestrial viewing, low in horizon; while the 90° diagonal is mostly applied for night sky.  Materials are different, to optimize for their performance in respective activities.

Spotting Scope On-the-go

This is not merely a portable optical performer.  Its eye is suffice to accommodate your requirement in day and night target. 

Not only it has a wide variation to expand your visual observations, its universal adaptation eases your setup management!