Birding Buddy KINGOPT 8×42 WP Binoculars


Whether it is casual observation in daily life or focusing on a hobby, the instrument (binoculars) in your hand must be convenient and usable:

  • No need to worry about whether it is sunny or rainy, it still operates as usual;
  • No need to consider whether it is convenient to carry;
  • Serving age from 7 years old to 80s, without prerequisition;
  • In order to achieve the goal, the best-fit paradigm cannot be compromised

Why Do You Need A Pair of Gas Purged Binoculars for Your Outdoor Activities?

It's important to have a fogproof binoculars - it benefits user's usage in different circumstances with uninterrupted working condition.

When it comes to outdoor activities, rain or shine would be expected.  With this integrated features, users have no issue to have it performed in their activities.

And you will not be bothered of "fogging" visuals because of Nitrogen gas filled.

A gas-filled binoculars for outdoor activities

Accurate Focusing draws your attention on the objects way FASTER

Due to targeting objects are birds, which always flying and not stationary at one spot, observers need not only a pair of lightweight binoculars, but wide field-of-view with decent magnification not causing shaky visuals. These combination yields perfect on-the-go application with good focusing for sharp focused visual. Wider field-of-view enables birders tracking the targets, or birds easily without losing them.

Quick and Accurate Focusing Is Useful in Bird-watching

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 15 cm



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