How to access the night sky and enjoy the beauty of the universe with only 3 steps! You’ll be regret if you miss it …

Feel frustrated in star locating with manual telescope? Not anymore!

Unleash the power of your smartphone with Starsense Explorer, you’ll be guided in minute to observe your favourite targets!  Sooner, you’ll be amazed by the heavenly objects not playing the game of “lost in space”!

You’ll be improving in stages, by having the smartphone-app guided you throughout the step-by-step process.

In addition, you’ll be prompted of observing tips about the visibility of the located targets.  As you know, there are objects are fainter in brightness that darker ambience is necessary.

You don’t to worry that you’re left alone, without updates of the sky events.  The dedicated app will push you related notification about upcoming events that you could prepare ahead.