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Vixen LVW zoom eyepiece 8-24mm (#3777) features a 19mm long eye relief and high-grade Lanthunam glasses.  Surface of all lenses are multi-coated.  Its apparent field-of-view is from 40 to 60 degrees in different level of focal length.  Barrel is designed in 31.7 mm for a standard 1.25" diagonal or focuser's drawtube.  Views are excellent, sharper than any of the Chinese made zoom eyepieces.  This is a useful yet essential inventory in most stargazers' eyepiece cases, as it saves your spacing in keep different range of eyepiece, yet to product such a high quality visual effect!

It weights merely 215 g.


  1. Item is currently offered at PRE-ORDER basis.  Delivery time is estimated around 2 weeks from date of order.
  2. Shipping FREE is entitled for orders within Malaysia.
  3. Regular Stock Unit Price: RM720/unit.

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