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With most eyepieces, stars look sharp in the center of the field of view, but start getting fuzzy and flared toward the edge. To get better, "flat-field" performance, you have to pay big bucks for exotic ocular designs. Not anymore. Orion Edge-On eyepieces deliver remarkably flat fields - pinpoint-sharp stars from the center to the edge of the viewing circle. And best of all, their price won't flatten your wallet! 

You'll be as amazed by the value as you are by the views. Their 5- or 6-element optical design eliminates field curvature for distortion-free images. And Edge-Ons are parfocal, so you can change eyepieces without refocusing. With their big eye lenses, fully multi-coated lens elements, long eye relief, generous fields of view, twist-up eyeguards, and 1.25-inch barrels threaded for filters, Edge-On eyepieces have the features and quality you'll appreciate. Get the eyepieces with a flat-field edge - Orion Edge-Ons!

Orion Edge-On Flat Field Eyepiece Features:

  •  Orion Edge-On Flat Field Eyepieces offer premium performance at an amazing price to astronomy enthusiasts!
  • The proprietary flat-field design means you'll experience sharp focus from the very edge to the center of the viewing field.
  • The Orion Edge-On Flat Field Eyepiece features multi-coated optics, all-black anodizing, twist-up eye guards, and a parfocal design.
  • The large eye lens and long eye relief of 20 mm means comfortable viewing, even for long observing sessions and for folks who wear glasses.


  •     Manufacturer: Orion
  •     Country of Origin: Taiwan
  •     Focal Length: 12.5 mm
  •     Barrel size: 1.25"
  •     Apparent field of view: 55.0°
  •     Eye relief: 20.0mm
  •     Coatings: Fully multi-coated
  •     Number of elements: 7
  •     Filter threads: Yes
  •     Parfocal: Yes
  •     Field stop diameter: 15.6mm
  •     Blackened lens edges : Yes
  •     Rubber eyeguards: Yes
  •     Body material: Aluminum
  •     Dimensions: 3.0 in. x 1.7 in.
  •     Warranty: One year

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