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Empower Your Observing Activity with 120mm Aperture

An aperture of 120 mm (4.7") is not large but decent for more aspects of observing purposes for an intermediate level user.  This model is highly recommended for beginners in setup upgrade, from a small telescope such as 70mm, or any sizes. 

Not Get Flooded by City Glowing Light

This lens size is especially ideal for enthusiast who seldom observe under a dark ambience or travel to distant areas.  Large aperture (8" and above) would suffer from light pollution (city artificial lights) instead.  It enables users to enjoy not only the Moon and planets, but also the brighter clusters or nebulae.  

The best part we believe is the medium focal length - 1000 mm.  It's a good sign for planetary observations, as well as binary stars viewing.  All the users may need is some eyepiece inventory, in different focal length producing different magnification as well as field of view to suit the purposes.  It's essential to know individual target's magnitude and dimensions, and apply the eyepiece to optimize for best result.  There will be no right or wrong and final formulation because the environment particularly the sky seeing and turbulence are part of the factors affecting the observing results.

Detailed Observations of the Moon, planets and many more

With its large aperture and respectable focal length, the Celestron Omni XLT 120mm f/8.3 EQ Refractor Telescope is an ideal choice for making detailed observations of the Moon and planets, with the capability to split binary stars and separate star clusters, and resolve galaxies and nebulae. Its fairly fast focal ratio gives it the ability to achieve high magnifications with the addition of optional eyepieces, and thanks to its large 2" focuser the available options are nearly limitless.

Users have room to upgrade with 2-inch version of diagonal in order to enjoy a brighter views as well as more crisp images.  The larger drawtube also helps to prevent vignetting when using wide-field eyepieces during observation sessions, or when using large imaging-sensor cameras for astrophotography.   

To allow the use of the included 1.25" eyepiece and diagonal, a 2" to 1.25" adapter is included and installs easily without tools.

The scope comes with the manual CG-4 equatorial mount outfitted with steel worm gears on both axes for smooth tracking and stability with two counterweights for proper balancing to ensure smooth movement. Also included is a heavy-duty stainless steel tripod to provide a sturdy and steady platform.

What Does The Motor Drive Do?

We all know that Earth rotates (from west to east) and it makes the celestial objects seem rinsing in the east, then setting in the west.  When a telescope is not equipped with motor drive, over certain period of time, the targeted object will slowly disappear from telescope's eyepiece (field of view).  Therefore, tracking mode is essential and useful in:

  • magnifications increase
  • long hour observation
  • astro-photography

When motor tracking is intended, initial set-up is required, such as north polar orientation, telescope balancing and so on.  Detailed guides are enclosed in the user's guidance.

Users are assured of the following features:

  • Robust manual-control mounting (CG-4)
  • Decent aperture size - 120mm or 4.7 inches
  • Long focal length 1000mm for power boosting
  • StarBright XLT Multi-Coated to enhance contrast visual
  • 2" Focuser integrated for future upgrade
  • Sturdy Stainless steel Tripod (instead of aluminum material)
  • Tripod is adjustable for user's height demand
  • Easy no-tool required setup
  • Optic applicable for day and night viewing
  • Have room to upgrade with dual axes drive (optional half pier is recommended to apply)

Standard accessories include:

  • 25mm eyepiece 1.25" (40-power)
  • 6x30 finder scope
  • Star Diagonal 1.25"
  • CG-4 EQ mount with slow-motion controls
  • Steel tripod with accessory tray
  • 2 Counter weights (1x 3.2kg & 1x 1.8kg)
  • Counterweight rod
  • Dust cap (front lens)
  • StarryNight Special Edition Software
  • Dual Axis Motor Drive with controller (battery not supplied) 

Other Users Frequently Bought Together Items (optional):

  1. Orion 2" 99% Reflective Dielectric Diagonal
  2. Orion Q70 2" 38mm Eyepiece
  3. Celestron Zoom 8-24mm Eyepiece 1.25"

Warranty: 1-year local warranty against Celestron manufacturing defects.

Shipping: We ship with GD Express to destinations within Peninsular Malaysia for free.  Destination outside Peninsular Malaysia, please click the link for further information.

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