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What You Need To Know About Celestron PowerSeeker 80EQ Refracting Telescope:

Optical Design: Doublet Refractor

Aperture (diameter of objective lens): 80mm (3.15")

Focal Length: 900 mm

Focal Ratio: f/11

Mount Type: German Equatorial (EQ-1)

Tripod: Aluminum adjustable with accessory tray (eyepiece holder)

Supplied Eyepieces: 20 mm (45x) and 4 mm (225x)

Barlow Lens: 3x

Finderscope: 5x24

Star Diagonal: 1.25" Erect Image Diagonal

Highest Useful Magnification 189x

Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 12

Light Gathering Power (Compared to human eye): 131x

Apparent Field of View: 1.2°

Optical Coatings: Multi-Coated

Total Telescope Kit Weight: 8.62 kg

Software: Starry Night Basic Edition

Other accessories included: Counterweight, counterweight shaft, slow motion control cables, objective lens cover, color user's guide

If any users want to use high magnifications for planetary viewing, a motor drive is recommended to apply in order to compensate the earth's rotation. 

Motor Drive is an optional accessory to Powerseeker Equatorial Mount.

Reflector VS Refractor

Made of Concave Mirror 
Made of Objective Lenses
Producing Up-side-down Image
Producing Upright but Mirror Inverted Image
More Affordable Price
More Pricey than Mirror/ Reflector Telescope
Fairer Color
Richer and Vivid Color
Need Collimation on Mirrors from time to time
No Collimation Required
Designed for Astronomy / Night Sky onlyApplicable for Day (nature) and Night (astronomy) uses
Bulky When Getting Bigger ApertureMore Versatile
Not Easy to Manage (setup) for A Bulky UnitMore Convenient to Manage (setup) for Consumer Range
Not All Reflector Suitable for ImagingEasier to Configure for Imaging Accessories

Key Features:

  • User's Level: Novice for astronomy
  • Interest: More in solar system objects such as the Moon, and five major planets
  • Other benefit: Can be used in day time for nature observing, or sight-seeing; easy to manual track with equatorial or optional upgrade with a single-axis motor drive for planetary views or solar observation (solar filter sold separately)

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