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The Celestron Advanced VX mount is an ideal tool for those wishing to participate in astrophotography! It’s particularly recommended for serious beginners or enthusiasts who had started visual observations earlier and this would brace the users more capabilities in both observing and astro-imaging.

Thought AVX mount is a portable unit, it supports payloads up to 30 lbs or 13.6 kg.  This is the ideal combination for configuration of DSLR camera with:

  • Telephoto lens (or prime lens, example 600 mm)
  • 80mm refractor
  • 150mm Newtononian
  • 203mm (8-inch) Schmidt-cassegrain telescope 
  • 279mm (11-inch) Schmidt-cassegrain telescope for visual only

As the mount is designed with Vixen-like saddle, all the user needs to do is to get a narrow dovetail plate, with related imaging accessories and power supply to capture fantastic heavenly images!

The Advanced VX mount alone comes with one piece of 12 lbs counter weight.  If you have a light weight 80mm short APO, you may start the journey without further delay.  As long as the set is well balanced, there is no issue to get the set on track to perform!

What the AVX mount impresses the astronomy community is that it has All Star Polar Alignment which enables users conducting the polar alignment without using polar scope.  Would it be sound great for low latitude or equatorial users who are hardly to see Polaris for polar alignment?  This is definitely a quicker process for equipment setup.

And this mount offers an improved latitude range, from 7 to 77 degrees according to manufacturer.  But what could be better than without having major modification over the mount head for the low latitude setting?  The AVX mount can be down to even 0 degree with minor adjustment.  This means the AVX mount is for all users in the world!

For star alignment procedures, Celestron integrates SkyAlign apart from 2 or 1 star alignment, to ease beginner’s worries about hunting the alignment stars.  Solar Observation will be made easy with AVX mount as the Solar System Alignment allow “Sun” as alignment star while others don’t offer.

As power requirement is concerned, we highly recommend an external 12V power source, or a quality AC power adapter with output 12VDC 3.5A to run the AVX mount.

If you wish to wirelessly control the mount, this is going to perfectly pair with the AVX mount - SkyPortal WiFi Module.  For astrophotography accessories, such as T-Ring, Camera Adapter or Barlow lens, they are optional,


The core technology driving the Advanced VX mount is All-Star Polar Alignment. Celestron's All-Star Polar Alignment technology features a Two-Star alignment mode that draws upon a vast database of stellar bodies to choose multiple guide stars that assist tracking across the night sky while keeping the optical tube parallel to the Earth's axis of rotation. Maintaining alignment with either celestial pole while following the path of guide stars provides a high degree of pointing and tracking accuracy. Digitally-encoded low-cog DC servo motors drive telescope movements on both axes in fine increments that keep the observed (or photographed) object centered in the field of view. This level of precision reduces optical aberrations and minimizes star trails, translating into improved image quality and sharper photographs.

Complementing the Advanced VX's alignment and tracking capability is the mount's permanently programmable periodic error correction that eliminates recurring track errors inherent to all worm drives. Additionally, a 7-77° latitude range (practically it's adjustable down to 0-degree for equatorial region) enables extended observations and photo exposures by allowing the telescope to track past the meridian without the meridian flip common with German Equatorial mounts.


Included with the Advanced VX mount is the NexStar hand controller that will slew the telescope to any planetary, stellar, or nebulous object in its pre-loaded database at the touch of a button. The NexStar controller software is flash upgradeable, which allows operating system upgrades and even refinements to telescope-specific functions. This computerized mount is also compatible with Celestron's proprietary NexRemote telescope control software, which enables the observer to control telescope using their personal computer.


This fully-integrated telescope mounting system also includes an adjustable stainless steel tripod that has two-inch diameter legs, locking spreader, and caddy for the NexStar hand controller. The combination of digitally encoded servo motors, broad tracking latitude, and an array of sophisticated alignment and tracking technology equip the Advanced VX with the mechanical precision needed to observe and photograph nearby and deep sky objects using almost any entry or intermediate-level optical tube assembly.

 Advanced VX Mount features:

  • Latitude adjustable to 0 degree (suitable for Malaysia and venues along the equator)
  • 30 lb / 13.6 kg payload capacity
  • Digital DC servo motor drive
  • All-Star Polar Alignment technology
  • 2-Star / 1-Star / Solar System / Last / Quick alignment modes
  • 0-77° latitude range, uninterrupted tracking past meridian
  • Sidereal / Solar / Lunar tracking rates
  • EQ North / EQ South tracking modes
  • 4° per second maximum slew speed
  • Autoguider dedicated communication port
  • Two auxiliary communication ports
  • Integrated 12" counterweight bar with 12 lb weight
  • 2" Stainless Steel Tripod Leg, 44-64" height adjustment range
  • 40,000 celestial object database
  • Flash upgradeable operating software
  • RS-232 serial communication port
  • Programmable periodic error correction

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