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Add tracking and tracking correction capabilities to any setup that uses a Celestron CG-4 equatorial mount.  The right ascension motor drive allows the telescope to track a star’s movement through the night sky, and the addition of a declination motor gives you the ability to make adjustments in all four directions with the included drive corrector hand controller. 

With this drive system mounted on a properly polar-aligned telescope, the user can do visual observations or sketches without objects constantly drifting out of the field of view.  Astrophotography is also possible when a mount has dual-axis drive with drive corrector capabilities. 

The Celestron dual-axis motor drive system is powered by four D-cell batteries in a self-contained battery pack. The drive can be used in either the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.  To change hemispheres (reverse the motor’s direction), simply flip the “N/Off/S” switch on the drive corrector hand controller.

Tracking on celestial object is essentially important when a high magnification is applied, in order to secure the target within the field-of-view of telescope eyepiece.  When the dual axis motor drive is engaged, do not manually overwrite the tracking motions.  Read the operating manual carefully upon installation.  This is a general motor drive installation which doesn't require any engineering background.


  • Dual-axis drive motors track the stars as they move across the sky
  • The three-speed drive corrector lets you make tracking adjustments (forward or backward)
  • Can be used in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere
  • DC motor drive uses four D-cell batteries (user supplied)

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