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This solidly built unit is widely used to mount a guiding scope, camera, or spotting scope on this unit's 1/4"-20 bolt for precise up-and-down and side-to-side slow motion control. It is a heavy duty unit than many other fine adjustment units (or alt-azimuth head).

It can be piggyback mounted on telescope, for instance spotting scope or cassegrain telescope, for camera.  It's also recommended to work with Polarie star tracker, for latitude fine adjustment as well as both axis alignment due to its fine control.


  • Solid base for camera
  • Big relief for piggyback on a cassegrain telescope
  • Adjustment screws are visible yet solidly built
  • Smooth control
  • Excellent in fine adjustment for vertical and horizontal axis
  • Range of control: 20 screw pan head with tangent screw slow motion controls, movable within +/- 10 degrees vertically and horizontally 

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