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QHD-33 is a small-sized, compact but solid and strong single axis ball head, that especially produced to work with Vixen Polarie Star Tracker.  Polarie Star Tracker is an ultra portable single-axis motor driven device, with a loading capacity of 2 - 3 kgs.  This is a Japanese made portable tracker, for travellers or nature photographers who want to capture landscape + nightsky in their journeys.

As a result, the Polarie only weights 740 grams, without batteries.  It's built with a battery compartment for 2 pieces of AA battery, which sustains mostly up to 2 hours.  Therefore, an external power bank is always recommended instead of using AA battery.  Bear in mind that mini USB cable is not included.  Users will need to prepare 1 or 2 for photography activities.

A standard package of Vixen Polarie star tracker, does not come with tripod, ball head and so on.  Optional accessories are:

  • Vixen tripod
  • Vixen polar meter
  • Vixen polar alignment scope
  • Vixen ball head

Polar Meter is a 3-in-1 accessory not only applicable for Polarie Star Tracker, but any device with hot-shoe bracket, for leveling, direction pointing and latitude adjustment as objective.

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