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Why is this small telescope a best-value-for-money optic to own?

But is it the best telescope for astronomy?  Certainly, we could only agree when a beginner wants to prioritize the mobility.

Celestron C90 MAK is a compound telescope, with 90 mm in aperture and 1250 mm in focal length.  A standard package only includes a backpack for the little Maksutov, one eyepiece, finder, lens cloth, erecting prism and user's manual.  Tripod is not a standard accessory.

Users may call it as a spotting scope, when it's mounted on a camera tripod with 45-degree erecting prism applied.  This configuration reveals the view in correct image without left-right inverted image, and a 40-powered eyepiece yields quite a decent field-of-view and magnification for nature observation as well as terrestrial viewing.

Day and Night Use, Whenever You Want

At night, it can be switched to a telescope for moon, major planets and other celestial watching.  At this point, users may mount it on a sturdy camera tripod, or a solidly built alt-azimuth mount with slow motion control axes.  For further extent, a proper mounting such as tracking AZ or EQ mount will do a lot better in terms of smooth adjustment as well as tracking mode (as Earth's rotating and magnification would magnify this movement).

C90 Mak is quite an all-round unit for novice is due to its versatility - day and night use.  The set has a M42 T thread that accepts T-ring for digital SLR or mirrorless cameras.  It also has a metal dovetail plate attached onto the telescope body, which is universal to 1/4" screw thread of camera tripod, and Vixen-like saddle as well.

We are not saying that this little scope would beat the big guy (big aperture telescope).  Due to the design and compactness, it's so portable for most of the outdoor hobbyists and travellers to transport and setup along the journey.

Starting from where you feel most comfortable without pressure

Optically speaking, it's powerful enough to view the Moon's craters, and the big planets as well as the brighter deep-sky objects with different rage of eyepieces. Beginners always need to start from a stage that they are comfortable with.  And we believe that C90 Maksutov is a potential unit to get started without head scratching, and sacrificing so much of bank saving.

There is nothing much of steps in setting up at field.  The critical part is to align the finder scope to telescope (clear steps of how-to from user's guide), and learn as much as you can about the targets that you desire to view.

Included is:
  • C90 MAK Spotting Scope
  • Plossl 32 Eyepiece 1.25"
  • Erecting Prism 1.25"
  • Lens Cloth
  • Backpack
  • User's Guide
  • Tripod excluded


  • Optical Design: Maksutov-cassegrain
  • Aperture: 90 mm (3.5-inch)
  • Focal length: 1250 mm
  • Eyepiece: Plossl 32 mm 1.25"
  • Other accessories: Finder Scope with bracket, Erecting Prism 1.25", Objective Cover, Backpack

Recommendation of optional accessories:

  • Supplied eyepiece 32 mm produces 40x (power).  In order to magnify higher than 40x, it's either to apply an optional 2x Barlow lens (with existing eyepiece), or an optional 15 mm eyepiece (for this case, it creates 83x).  There is a lot more, and we can't list all of them right here.
  • Maximum theoretical magnification is 175x for 90 mm or 3.5 inch aperture.  However, it's suggested to have a proper mounting or a tracker if user wants to go for higher magnification (to compensate earth's rotation).
  • No extra adapter is needed for Canon or Nikon DSLR but a T-ring will do. (please ask us if you have different model of camera)
  • Universal smartphone adapter is for afocal imaging method (strongly recommend to shoot with 32 mm with wider field of view).


Capability of C90 Maksutov is only up to this ?

Of course not!  It shows you far more to this extent (with planetary eyepiece or Barlow lens, sold separately)!

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