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Celestron's X-Cel LX 12mm Eyepiece is designed for comfortable near and deep-space astronomical observation. It is built with a 6-element lens configuration, blackened edges, and anti-reflective fully multi-coated optical surfaces to ensure bright and clear high-contrast images with true color transmission across the entire wide 60° field of view. Celestron engineered the X-Cel LX series of eyepieces with a long 16 mm eye relief that brings the user's face back from the scope to minimize vibrations caused by contact with the eyepiece. All eyepieces in the series are completely parfocal, making switching eyepieces convenient by not requiring re-focusing. With a 1.25" diameter barrel, it will fit the most common size drawtubes, visual backs, and accessories; and a rubberized collar provides a non-slip grip especially in cold weather.


  • X-Cel LX eyepieces, optimized for planetary viewing, offer a 60° field of view through a six-element fully multi-coated lens system
  • Pop-up rubber eyeguards provide comfort and increase contrast.  Raise and lower with a simple twist.
  • A treaded rubber grip offers a no-slip grip, even with gloves on
  • 1.25” barrels are threaded to accept filters
  • Parfocal design makes switching eyepieces among the X-Cel LX series eyepiece convenient without re-focusing


  • Model: X-Cel LX
  • Focal Length: 12 mm
  • Apparent Field of View: 60°
  • Eye Relief: 16 mm
  • Optical Coatings: Fully multi-coated
  • Number of Lens Elements: 6
  • Barrel Size: 1.25"
  • Parfocal Eyepieces: Yes
  • Threaded For Filters: Yes
  • Storage Case: Included
  • Warranty: 2-year

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