Level-Up Model for Beginners: StarSense Explorer DX 102AZ Refractor


What makes StarSense Explorer telescopes to serve you better in stargazing?  Plate Solving method is the HERO behind the solution!

In a simpler explanation, Plate Solving is star-patterns matching method used to determine exactly where the telescope is pointing in the sky.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to do any calculation or to match the stars patterns that the telescope is pointing towards.  Celestron made it an easy way even for fresh users without any telescope experience!

  • 102mm f/6.5 refractor optical tube
  • StarSense Phone Dock
  • Low powered (25mm) and high powered (10mm) eyepiece
  • 90-degree erect-image diagonal
  • StarPointer red dot finderscope, perfect for using the telescope during the day or without the StarSense Explorer app
  • Altazimuth mount with slow motion controls
  • 2 pieces of handle for slow-mo control
  • Full-height large aluminum tripod with an accessory tray to keep you organized
  • Unlock Code
  • StarryNight Special Edition software
  • User’s Guide

Under normal circumstances, we consign GD Express for standard shipping within Peninsular Malaysia for FREE.  It is approximately taking 2 to 5 working days to deliver without unforeseen situations.

Please contact us for separate quotation, to Sabah, Sarawak and Labuan.

1-year warranty against manufacturing defect  (excluding wear-and-tear or mishandling).

Please keep our sales invoice as proof of purchase.  No warranty card is enclosed.

StarSense Explorer is the innovative software that having the Plate Solving method applied, with a smartphone.  As most modern smartphone is made with good camera, sensors as well in making life easier.  It helps you too in exploring the universe.  All you have to do, is to get your phone docked on the telescope, adjust the positioning and you'll be guided to look up in the nightsky!

Assembled Kit of StarSense Explorer DX102AZ Refractor

More importantly, you'll be guided on what to observe with "Tonight Best" objects and the tips of observations.  With that said, you'll save tons of time in searching what objects are visible, and available for particular time.

No ideas what to observe? Let's check the list of Tonight's Best Objects

The truth IS, all this is done  without electric components or motor tracking.  And the interesting part is the StarSense Explorer app guides you what object are available in observe, for the city or dark sky locations.

You'll be guided step-by-step in identifying and locating the sky objects.  It's entirely working without connecting with any laptop or planetarium software; neither phone's mobile data or WiFi connection.   On-screen guidance with arrows is straightforward showing you that the targeted object's position.

What you need to do is to slew your telescope's tube, follow the onscreen guidance to aim at your desired target.  That's all, and you may go and observe the object from the eyepiece!

StarSense Explorer app recognizes the stars, and shows you where to push-to in order to aim at the target

The StarSense Explorer app is d**n easy to set up. All you need to do is install the app, enter the unlock code that came with your telescope, and dock the phone to your telescope.

The Dock or bracket fits most smartphones and will work just fine even if you have a normal case on (otherwise remove it for better grip and calibration). Once you undergo a super-simple alignment procedure, the StarSense Explorer app has a couple hundred objects it can find for you– the Moon, planets, most of the Messier Objects catalog, and some of the brighter NGC/Caldwell objects.

On-screen guides are shown along the alignment procedure.  No printed manual is provided for this aspect.

The only rule that doesn’t change no matter it is a brand-new technology or computerized telescope: nothing works if not setting up your telescope outside under a clear sky!

Surprisingly, the initial alignment can be completed faster than making a drip coffee!

The StarSense Explorer is great for you despite:

  • you have no idea what to observe – guided tours of the universe are integrated
  • have no telescope experience
  • don’t have much knowledge of astronomy; the app is so informative
  • have no clue where the favourite celestial objects are located
  • have small area for storage or assembly
  • love to host gatherings in any occasions

Fears No More with StarSense Explorer App Driven Telescope

This is a great advantage for fresh users in visual observation. As the StarSense Explorer app enables the auto-locating technology, with your push-to movement to locate your favourite objects within just seconds!

When your telescope follows the orange arrows to locate the object, it will hit and show bullseye in green when telescope on target


What else do you need to have? Actually there is ...

  • No need to get laptop
  • No planetarium software required
  • No WiFi or internet needed
  • No battery in use

You would probably need a backup battery (optional) for your smartphone.  That's all to begin night observation in any occasion.

DX102AZ is a refractor with XLT optical coating which improves light transmission, enhancing the views even more.  Compared with a reflector or mirror system model, you can use DX102AZ  during the day to view birds, wildlife, landscapes, and more.

Perfect for City or Rural Sites

Even if you live in a light polluted cities, StarSense Explorer is advanced enough to be able to pick out Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, the Orion Nebula, double stars, and a few more of the most famous celestial objects.

But if you can take the telescope to an even slightly darker location, more objects will become visible. With this 4” refractor and relatively dark skies, the Andromeda Galaxy, Hercules Open Star Cluster, and so many more are easily within your reach.

Everything You Need To Begin Immediately

4 inches aperture has the theoretical maximum magnification up to  200x.  You have room to expand from 26x (K 25mm eyepiece).  A smart observe doesn't pursue only higher magnification, but better clarity.  Having that said, decent resolution provides good clarity bringing out details.

Always observe the object's brightness, weather and seeing conditions before higher power is to be increased.


StarSense Explorer hints you how and what to observe - so much more than solar system objects to plan in your observation log!

Additional information

Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 100 × 42 × 23 cm


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This is a quality telescope, optical tube is good. However, accessories from factory like eyepiece and diagonal are just so so. Will get more fun if replace with high quality eyepiece. The mount is a bit shaky especially doing high zoom. Not going out to test the starsense app yet. Seller is also knowledgeable to answer questions. Overall, it good and worth for the money, happy to get it. Thinking to change a mirror diagonal for a better astronomy experience.

Tan S